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In the early 1970s, Kelly Girls were available for temp work, and becoming a Kelly Girl was advertised as a way to pay for life's extras.
She said in court she was doing temp work at the time of the initial application.
Although some dental assistants booked with an agency or online may choose temp work to supplement their regular work schedule, to earn income while raising children or managing other home demands, or generate income while transitioning into other careers or educational endeavors, most temporary dental assistants ultimately are seeking full-time placement with a single office or practitioner.
In the course of her life she rose from domestic cook to temp work to becoming the first black woman in management of a Fortune 500 company.
However, by promoting temp work as largely "feminine" work, the industry reinforced gender, race, and class stereotypes of women being housewives first and working women second; even as the temp industry expanded into blue-collar sectors, its advertisements deliberately did not use men or non-White workers.
In my late 20s when I was directing a play I remember them asking me if I had any temp work to keep me going and I had to tell them that I got paid more for the directing."
Through the Task Squad, she did temp work at two different start-up companies, and immediately boosted her skills, particularly in admin.
low-wage work, temp work and day labour, immigration and undocumented immigrants, unions and labour history, legal and regulatory histories, worker centres and activist organizations, and more.
Now doing temp work, she was uninsured for 18 months before she chose a marketplace plan for $68 a month.
TEMP work reduces a woman's chances of starting a family, a study has shown.
Reality: As the temporary industry has grown and expanded, contract assignments have come to be viewed more as high-level consulting projects than so-called "temp work." Hiring managers understand that project work provides valuable experience that can enhance a candidate's abilities.