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1/16 or 0.0625 of one full point in price. Steenth.
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1. Prior to decimalization, one-sixteenth of one point. That is, if a stock price falls a teenie, it falls 1/16 of a dollar.

2. After decimalization, one cent.
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The pre-order of this artisan coin holder via their Kickstarter campaign is giving a 60% discount off what will be Teeny's future retail price.
They both knew the score--it would hurt Teeny but keep Sylvia, who often refused bottles, calm and quiet.
"I dove for about 30 years and have never even seen anything that big," Teeny said, still sounding a bit surprised.
"You're skinny," Teeny would say, in a reassuring voice.
In addition to wipes that protect from germs and bacteria, Teeny Towels are available as Insect Repellent wipes, which are DEET-free.
Coun James Hutchings (Con Edgbaston) said: 'If Brindley Drive was thought to be a teeny bit out of the way, how would you describe Eastside?'
The low-rise Country Club, a 75-year-old landmark facing quiet flower-filled Los Olivos park in the San Isidro neighborhood, is just one teeny step behind Miraflores Park when it comes to catering to business guests.
6 of his ongoing series Black Hole (Fantagraphics Books): On the left page, a teeny square hit of acid sticks to a strip of Scotch tape on a pitch-black ground.
That is something new for a president who has instead been led by public opinion surveys - surveys where he has found the teeny, mosquito-like ideas that have buzzed from his White House in swarms to nip unsuspecting Americans.
For the very young, the mouse mother's repetitive "can you name some--things in our teeny, tiny house?" may be very appealing.
Lola de Avila, who taught Guenther at San Francisco Ballet School for seven years until she joined Boston's second company in 1994, said Guenther did not need to lose weight at that point, "but her last year here her body was changing when she became a young lady." De Avila remembered her student as "teeny, small-boned, and very energetic.
While the Democrats failed to do it with the sweeping healthcare reform proposal of two years ago, they are succeeding through "teeny weeny" little initiatives (like mandatory time off to take children to the doctor) the president has been espousing.