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And surely exactly what the City's teenage scribblers had in mind when they trashed Greggs' share price during the dotcom boom of the late 1990s, on the grounds that the whole idea of a "shop" was dead.
The Hon Member for Birmingham Yardley, and a city councillor, stands accused of lazily recycling a press release doubtless prepared by teenage scribblers at party HQ and handed to all MPs to be sent on to equally lazy hacks.
Then I watched their share prices plummet at the turn of the century as the teenage scribblers pronounced that the old economy was finished.
If you thought manufacturers in Birmingham were having a tough time, you should see what's happening to the teenage scribblers and City slickers down in London.
Instead he is stuck in a mire of profit warnings and abuse from teenage scribblers he doubtless abhors.
Analysts - the teenage scribblers - who work for the banks forecast untold wealth.