Technical analysts

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Technical analysts

Also called chartists or technicians, analysts who use mechanical rules to detect changes in the supply of and demand for a stock, and to capitalize on the expected change.

Technical Analyst

A person who engages in technical analysis, especially professionally. Technical analysts use statistics to determine trends in security prices, and make or recommend investment decisions based on those trends. They do not attempt to determine the intrinsic value of securities, but instead focus on matters such as trade volume, demand, and volatility. Technical analysts often evaluate short-term trends almost exclusively, which is both a strength and a weakness in their analysis. They are sometimes called chartists because of the importance charts have in technical analysis. See also: Fundamental analysis.
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Technical analysts ignore many determinants of a company's performance, including its regulatory environment, country of operations, etc.
Fellow technical analyst Mohammad Al Sdi on Wednesday calculated the DFM's support at 4,544, 6.
These patterns often signal potential reversals in the market, and provide technical analysts the rhyme and reason to open a trade.
Our Trading Academy focuses on two main areas: firstly for participants to pass the exams and become qualified technical analysts; and, secondly to get a job in the financial sector (especially in the Forex industry) as Dealers, Traders or Technical Analysts.
The overall picture is more consolidation and pull backs during the next four to five months and also more volatility," said technical analyst Mr Victor Hugo.

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