technical indicator

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Technical Indicator

Statistical information that is used to determine future trends in security prices and to make or recommend investment decisions based on those trends. Technical indicators have nothing to do with the intrinsic value of securities, but instead focus on matters such as trade volume, the number of odd-lot sales or short sales, and volatility. Technical indicators show short-term trends almost exclusively; this is both a strength and a weakness in their analysis. See also: Economic indicator.
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technical indicator

A variable used when technically analyzing the market to determine when to invest and which stocks to select. Technical indicators include chart formations, volume, and odd-lot sales.
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Where among these techniques and technical signs can we still locate the body, the body, the body, the body?
They consist of technical signs and symbols with a high memorability effect.
"We have always been aware to produce a design concept that compliments the surrounding conservation area and is sympathetic to the listed building," a spokesman for Technical Signs, which would carry out the work, told the council.
Gains in the previous four sessions helped both onshore Chinese indexes rebound decisively from their respective 50-day moving averages in improved volume, positive technical signs that suggest further gains could be in store.
Even S&P's Intel analyst, Christin Armacost, has only a "neutral" rating on the company, with a "hold" on the company and a "bearish" outlook on technical signs related to the semiconductor sector since August.
Tokyo stocks were also prone to face selling amid technical signs showing that the market is at an overbought level, brokers said.
On the other hand, with US Treasury yields showing technical signs of having formed at least a medium-term bottom in September and early October, and the prospect of further rises if Europe does succeed in muddling through its debt crisis response, the opportunity to lock in dollar funding at current yields may appeal to the company.
While sentiment for the Nikkei remains robust, technical signs that the market is overbought and the approach of the year-end was keeping a lid on potential near-term gains.
Summary: TOKYO, Jun 03, SPA -- Japan&'s Nikkei average surged over 3 percent to a two-week high on Thursday and had its biggest one day percentage gain in six months, with foreign investors tentatively re-entering the market and technical signs turning brighter, according to Reuters.
"The losses came at no surprise as the market has (in the recent past) shown technical signs of being exhausted and this was the main technical reason of its inability to conquer and maintain a close above 6100, which is the highest level reached (recently) on a closing basis," Faisal Alsayrafi, managing director and CEO of the Jeddah-based Financial Transaction House (FTH), said.
To program the controller, no programming language has to be learned, because the application is created by connecting technical signs and symbols into a block diagram.
Brokers said Tokyo stocks were prone to selling due to some technical signs of the market's overheating following their recent advances, after the Nikkei index rose on five of the previous six trading days.

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