technical indicator

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Technical Indicator

Statistical information that is used to determine future trends in security prices and to make or recommend investment decisions based on those trends. Technical indicators have nothing to do with the intrinsic value of securities, but instead focus on matters such as trade volume, the number of odd-lot sales or short sales, and volatility. Technical indicators show short-term trends almost exclusively; this is both a strength and a weakness in their analysis. See also: Economic indicator.

technical indicator

A variable used when technically analyzing the market to determine when to invest and which stocks to select. Technical indicators include chart formations, volume, and odd-lot sales.
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The net change in score came from a decrease in the liquidity, valuation and earnings momentum indicators, offset by an increase in the technical indicators.
The updated version now includes the full set of technical indicators allowing traders to use as many as 30 indicators to analyze financial markets.
Some follow fundamental news and others use only technical indicators.
He has taught numerous seminars across Europe on the use of technical indicators.
Even though their technical indicators tell them to enter the market, they stay out.
But the most useful areas for trading are technical indicators, or indicator charts based on the main candlestick chart.
The downside pressure has been relentless with the market seemingly ignoring any oversold technical indicators in effort to see just how low we can go.
Dow theory for the 21st century; technical indicators for improving your investment results.
Last week effectively put an end to this idea as fundamentals were again totally ignored in favour of option-related trading and poor technical indicators for the majority of the metals.
The market is still overvalued and technical indicators point to vulnerability, Kaufman said.
Advanced Technical Analysis of ETFs is an important resource for sophisticated ETF traders that contains a wealth of expanded strategies for technical trade setups and includes the author's best real trade examples (both winning and losing), as well as additional user-friendly technical indicators.
8220;Our potential traders and investors would surely make it easier for them to create their own customized charts and quotes with their chosen technical indicators.

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