tear sheet

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Tear sheet

A page from an S&P stock that provides information on thousands of stocks, often sent to prospective purchasers.

Tear Sheet

Informal; a brief statement of information Standard & Poor's compiles and disseminates on various publicly-traded companies. Investment advisers and brokers often share tear sheets with clients to encourage them to invest in certain companies. Originally, these were actual one-page summaries that one could tear out of a book, but most tear sheets are now available online.

tear sheet

A page from one of the security reports published by Standard & Poor's in loose-leaf binders. Customers frequently ask registered representatives to send them tear sheets on particular securities.
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I thought perhaps he was busy, so I asked for tear sheets on the artist.
The new ACOG tear sheet approach suggests that extensive counseling isn't necessary because it doesn't necessarily improve the quality of care.
A sample of the tear sheets can be obtained at www.
Were you the kind of kid who had tear sheets from magazines?
4301) steel with corrosion control coatings, gratings and tear sheets of galvanized steel and stainless steel railings and assemble by glands.
More than 100 original oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, photographs, books and magazine tear sheets make up a major retrospective of the extraordinary lives and works of pioneering female illustrators Jessie Willcox Smith, Elizabeth Shippen Green and Violet Oakley at the Norman Rockwell Museum this winter.
Other methods show advertisers the scanned printed page containing their ad, but Gail Provenzano, director of field systems for Knight Ridder, said the company found many advertisers use tear sheets for purposes other than verifying quality anyway.
With the archive built on scanned images of tear sheets, the second search methodology is critical, as it makes allowances for errors, "both in how they spell something as well as how something potentially was stored into the system," he says.
The blue globe will be featured on monitor wraps, tear sheets and other point-of-purchase items.
I sagely replied, secretly hoping for some great tear sheets.