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Admati and her coauthors argue that catastrophe bonds are not a unique cure and are favored by most analysts because of the tax-deductible interest.
265(a)(2) was to stop taxpayers from borrowing funds with tax-deductible interest and using them to invest in tax-exempt debt.
They allow the issuer to make tax-deductible interest payments, which reduce the issuer's cost of capital, while also providing equity-like benefits similar to traditional preferred stock.
Announcer: With a low rate and the potential for tax-deductible interest, a home equity line of credit is an ideal way to handle almost any expense that comes up.
While homeowners indifferently enjoy the benefits of tax-deductible interest associated with the mortgage on their home, many do not realize the array of limitations and other landmines that Congress has subtly added to the tax code in order to chip away at this sacred cow.
With a fixed equity loan, like a personal loan, your rate and payment amount are locked in, you get the money up front, and you know when the loan will be paid off, all with generally a lower rate and the benefits of tax-deductible interest.
If not, they'll get in the way of your lifestyle later, when you may want to get a big home mortgage that will have tax-deductible interest.
The issuance of subordinated debt is prevalent in certain regions outside of the United States, in part because it supplements capital without diluting existing shareholders' control and allows the issuer to make tax-deductible interest payments.
The popular program, which generated over $2 billion in loans in its first year, allows home purchases with only ten percent down, eliminates private mortgage insurance (PMI) payments, increases tax-deductible interest and gives borrowers the potential of reducing their interest rate.