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Avoiding tax rebate scams A number of criminals take advantage of this time of the year to send fraudulent messages that claim to offer a tax refund.
The firm, which charges 40% of any rebates, denies doing anything wrong, saying: "The client contacted us through our website when she requested a tax rebate form.
'I would like to once again propose to the government to consider granting tax rebate for imported PPE to make them more affordable and encourage employers to acquire better quality PPE for their employees.
Shortly before our wedding the government of the day cancelled the right to claim this tax rebate and we struggled.
In 2017, the company also experienced a tax rebate to the tune of $140 million, making for a -2.5 percent tax rate.
They got their tax rebate but there was still no sign of unemployment benefit because it took a long time for a test case to decide the matter.
The FAPUASA office-bearer, who was also one of the participants in the meeting, said the HEC would write to the Ministry of Finance about restoration of 75pc tax rebate on professors' salaries.
Anyone who is due a tax rebate will receive a tax calculation letter from HMRC by post between June and October.
The time is now fast approaching to get your tax rebate claims in, as you can only go back four years at a time, so basically if you haven't claimed a rebate for the year 2013/14, it's either do it before April 6th or forever lose the opportunity for that year.
IT'S always nice to get a tax rebate although I was surprised by the email I received this week from Hmrc (sic) that said: "Recent Calculation show that we owe tax refund of PS382.54 from overpaid tax from year 2015/2016, despite our previous letters regarding your refund we are yet to receive your claim.
KARACHI -- Byco Petroleum's consolidated profit surged fourfold to Rs1.40 billion in the year ended June 30, 2017 mainly due to receipt of a significant tax rebate, according to a bourse filing on Thursday.
FRAUDSTERS may be posing as council officials and cold-calling customers in a tax rebate scam.