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Therefore, we have analysed tax incidence for the rural and urban areas separately.
Analysts are also of the opinion that any effort to increase tax incidence or impose new tax must be discouraged.
Finally, Jeetun's findings pertain to the rural and urban sectors while it is felt that in the context of the wider problem of the transfer of resources between sectors in the process of overall economic development a more relevant classification of tax incidence would be by the agriculture and non-agriculture sectors.
The BIR issued RMC 70-2015 reiterating the tax incidence on persons engaged in land transport using this mechanism.
On Monday, India's Sensex fell 2 per cent to close at 38,702 points as investors were disappointed by some budget proposals such as higher tax incidence for portfolio investors and high net worth individuals.
Aftab Ahmad Ch stated that although the recent budgetary proposals relating to real estate purchases and disposals seem to bring the sector under greater financial scrutiny and tax incidence, however, the sector has been grossly-under-documented.
It is, however, another matter that the worst victims of adjustments in sales tax and income tax would be the salaried and non-salaried individuals faced with double jeopardy of declining incomes, rising inflation and higher tax incidence.
FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi on the occasion said that they were now finding sectors and people who have a very low tax incidence, as well as those where tax incidence is high.
In response to notices issued so far, I54 returns have been received with tax incidence of Rs21.1 million, he added.