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Tax Sale

The sale of real estate in order to pay back taxes. In a tax sale, the taxing authority seizes the property for non-payment and then conducts the sale, generally selling to the highest bidder. For example, the IRS may hold a tax sale of a person's house for chronic non-payment of income taxes.

tax sale

A public sale because of unpaid property taxes.In most jurisdictions, the successful purchaser receives only a tax certificate, which will entitle the purchaser to ask for a tax deed after the passage of the time period specified in that state.

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Bid4Assets has conducted online tax sales for over 75 counties and cities nationwide, including counties in California, Washington, Virginia, Idaho, Michigan, Nevada and Missouri.
In the future, the County anticipates outsourcing the entire tax sale process.
However, all tax sales have essentially been voided and the ownership reverted to those who may have abandoned the property and left no heirs to claim it.
Constitutional county officers remain, however, and the auditor and treasurer operate the property tax sales.
The replay to this teleseminar, "Online Tax Sales Happening Now," is available until June 15.
128 billion in refund figures of income tax sales tax and federal excise as reported by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) during 2013-14.
O'Neill asked, "Can one cent make the difference between a valid tender, and an invalid tender, in relation to a municipal tax sale conducted under the Municipal Tax Sales Rules?
States that will tax sales that cross their borders, even if the seller has no property or employees in the state.
com)-- There are plenty of tax sales coming up for March and April.
The training will take place on February 5, 7, 10, and 17, and participants will get step-by-step, hands on training while some of these tax sales are going on.