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A new lower rate of three percent has been introduced and applies to tax payers who meet certain conditions:
CBDT will be sending out such certificates of appreciation to individual tax payers by e-mail in various categories on the basis of the level of taxes paid by them for the current Assessment Year 2016-17 where taxes have been paid in full and tax payers have no outstanding tax liabilities and where the return is e-filed within the prescribed due date.
Anirudh Kamani, general manager of ICICI Bank, said: 'We believe that this new facility, coupled with our extended branch banking timings at select locations will offer more convenience and ease to tax payers in the state.
The MEP (We Demand a Referendum Party) said: "This flagrant waste of tax payers money is nothing short of disgusting when we are cutting back on vital public services here in the West Midlands.
As a result, in most countries the AIFS has a certain value of a judicial precedent because the government of a democratic state cannot afford to act unpredictably in regard with its tax payers.
But the queries mean council tax payers have been landed with an accountancy bill for pounds 53,000, a figure likely to rise, following 19 objections concerning Conwy's 2009/10 and 2010/2011 accounts by one determined anonymous resident.
This scheme is applicable to individual and HUF tax payers who can take assistance of TRPs in preparation and filing of their Income Tax Returns.
The amendments to the tax treatment of provisional tax payers came into effect on 1 January this year.
For the last 5 years, Taxsmile has been constantly innovating, with a mission to help the tax payers to achieve e-governance vision of making Tax filing services accessible through multiple channels.
It's high time that these spongers are kicked out and looked after by their own tax payers.
Conflicts between the State Tax Service and tax payers become more frequent lately, Tatiana Kim, chair of the public supervisory board at the State Tax Service and the Chair of the Chamber of Tax Consultants, told a press conference in AKIpress today.
If these public service workers think they are worth what ask the tax payers for then why don't they agree to end collective pay agreements and open their jobs and wages up to the market?