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Perhaps one reason the capital neutrality paradox, based on minimum revenue assumptions, has not been identified in the past is because many tax haven countries adopt income tax rates of zero or near-zero either explicitly through rates or through granting tax holidays--and thus the assumption has been that such jurisdictions raise little to no revenue through tax competition.
For example, many countries have anti-tax avoidance rules designed to make ineligible certain income held in tax haven countries.
Canadians are stashing away more and more of their money in tax haven countries renowned for their secrecy laws, many of them in the Caribbean, creating an enormous problem for tax authorities, reports The Toronto Globe & Mail (June 9, 2003).
In the wake of controversy stirred by the so-called Panama Papers, which revealed widespread use of tax havens and shell companies by wealthy global elites, officials from the Group of 20 major economies Friday threatened to penalize tax haven countries that do not comply with new information-sharing efforts and moves to reduce tax mismatches between countries.
396) to treat certain controlled foreign corporations located in specified tax haven countries as domestic corporations for federal tax purposes.
Likewise, some corporations that report having a subsidiary in a tax haven country could have additional subsidiaries in tax haven countries that they have not reported.
* Service fees may be paid only through the official--direct--routing to the beneficiary, and not to any corporation domiciled (or even bank accounts) in tax haven countries.