target price

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Target price

In the context of takeovers, the price at which an acquirer aims to buy a target firm.
In the context of options, the price of the underlying security at which an option will become in the money.
In the context of stocks, the price that an investor hopes a stock will reach in a certain time period.
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Target Price

1. In mergers and acquisitions, the purchase price of the target company.

2. The price at which an investor hopes to buy or sell a security. That is, when an investor takes a position on a security he/she hopes that the investment will become profitable. The target price is the price at which the investment becomes worth the effort and money put into it.

3. In options, the price at which a contract becomes in-the-money.
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target price

1. The price that an investor or a security analyst expects a security to achieve. Generally, when a security achieves the target price, it is time to close out a position in it.
2. The price at which an investor hopes to purchase an asset. For example, a company desiring to take over another firm may set a target price for the firm.
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Also matching Target prices is the Google Chromecast 2nd generation HD Smart Media Streamer with voice command, selling for $24.99.
Other tech sale items include Apple AirPods for $149 - $10 saving over Target prices 6 and the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 game for $43.99 6 a small $1.01 saving over Target prices.
The Japanese industry ministry plans to set target prices for next generation cars such as electric vehicles as part of a new three-year purchase incentive system from fiscal 2013, a ministry official said Monday.
The target prices are expected to be set lower than current prices to encourage car manufacturers to make cheaper products, while purchasers will receive subsidies to fill differences between the target prices and prices of equivalent gasoline vehicles, the official said.
OGK-1, OGK-3 and Bashkirenergo: Revision of Target Prices
We update our target prices for OGK-1, OGK-3 and Bashkirenergo following the announcement of swap ratios into Inter RAO shares for these stocks.
(NYSE: PSA) didn't hit their target prices but still yielded 27.84% and 20.83% returns, respectively.
Thomason started selling the tech stock Synaptics when it reached $14, four dollars more than the target price he set.
SYNOPSIS: This study examines a sample of 103 sell-side analysts' reports to document the frequency with which analysts disclose target prices as justifications for their stock recommendations.
Keywords: target prices; valuation; stock recommendations; earnings forecasts; sellside financial analysts; long-term growth; price-to-earnings ratios; PEG.
You might, for example, set target prices for some or all of the stocks you own and place limit orders at those levels.
Any effective price management system should be able to calculate a minimum target price (MTP) and compare it to the current price for each casting.

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