takeover target

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Takeover target

A company that is the object of a takeover attempt, friendly or hostile.
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Takeover Target

A publicly-traded company that is the object of a takeover, especially, but not necessarily, a hostile takeover. That is, another company is interested in buying the takeover target, often by buying its shares with the intent of obtaining a majority stake without the authorization of its board of directors. An acquiring company identifies takeover targets based on a variety of factors, including share price and growth potential; it may buy up to 5% of the takeover target without publicly disclosing its intentions. A takeover target is also called a target company.
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takeover target

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Following completion of the acquisition on 31 December 2018 the target companies will be integrated into Ted Baker's current operations.
The "formal sale process" exemption to the "put up or shut Lip" rule was a potentially valuable addition to the options available to target companies, although the panel believed it was too early to make a full assessment of the operation of that exemption.
Finally, target companies also benefit from the knowledge and skills that are often transferred from consultants and other experts brought in by PE investors to implement parts of the new strategy.
These questions - and an examination of industry trade data, publications and directories - can help establish criteria with which to evaluate potential target companies and eliminate all but the most likely candidates for purchase.
Increasing criticism has been levied at LBOs because the target companies are up in price.
Recognizing the importance of capitalizing on its strengths, one of the city's focal points is to target companies within the knowledge-based sector, with few transportation needs.
It is not unusual for companies looking to acquire a target to hire an investment adviser, and target companies that are "putting themselves on the block" also often hire an investment bank to help market itself.
The target companies, which are currently wholly owned by Trelleborg, will be transferred to the newly-established holding company, NT Holding.
Norwest's Impact on Deductibility of Target Companies' Professional Fees
Yet, in many target companies with significant IP portfolios, this documentation is nonexistent or incomplete.