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Family and friends have been taking the mickey since the 6ft 1in West Ham defender was forced to sell the car at a huge loss.
Mr Parker said: "People were just taking the mickey and it needed to be sorted out.
NORMALLY I'd have no hesitation in taking the mickey out of the delightful but brain-dead Chantelle who when she recorded an edition of The Weakest Link last week admitted she had no idea who David Cameron was.
Bruce said: ``When I got the phone call that Pandiani was available, I thought someone was taking the mickey because I've spent days and days trying to track people on wild goose chases.
Likes Being turned out daily; taking the mickey out of riders - 'if you watch the string go out and see one sticking his backside in the air and bucking, I'll guarantee it's Mallia'.
I thought it was quite a good one - but apparently he thought I was taking the mickey and rejected it.
As any Bjork fan knows, Icelandic pop stars can be a bit eccentric but this foursome are surely taking the mickey.
I'm sure some of the counties will have looked at Yorkshire and thought they were taking the mickey.
CHLOE Sevingy is taking the mickey out of wild-living stars.
It's supposed to be funny, it's supposed to be Frank taking the mickey out of himself, but I don't buy it.
SMITHY SAYS: Humour still applies on Merseyside, even though it does include taking the mickey out of the Blues.
If he isn't saying "that's joost roobish," Boycott is taking the mickey out of his co-commentators and then changing the subject before they have time to hit back.

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