Take the offer

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Take the offer

Buy stock by accepting a floor broker's (listed) or dealer's (OTC) offer at an agreed-upon volume. Antithesis of hit the bid.

Take the Offer

Informal; to agree to buy a security at a price offered by a dealer at an agreed-upon volume.
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The Bank of England, which offered lenders pounds 10billion after the crisis, said none had taken the offer, adding: "It was designed as a safety valve.
MTA officials have said the ATU should have taken the offer it made last fall, before the full force of the state's economic troubles hit, when the agency offered a one-year, 2.
Walker said at least 30 employees had taken the offer, while several others continued to mull the option.
High response rates for certain groups may be seized upon as a great result, but these rates may mask the fact that these consumers would have taken the offer in any case.
Rahman should have taken the offer of pounds 20 million to fight Lennox when it was on the table.

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