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The Place take-out should be slashed to 18 per cent-still higher than the average.
Leftovers, coming home late from work, an occasional Special K diet (cereal for dinner), restaurant take-outs and great cooked food from our local grocery all compete with traditional packaged food products as dinner fare.
Confusion over new licences could lead to pubs closing, and drinkers drowning their sorrows with supermarket take-outs.
If you are tired of eating expensive take-outs and are sick of the sight of Big Macs, check out where you can search for cheap and easy recipes which will enable you to be a wizard in the kitchen without spending a fortune.
The latter is said to give 0.55-sec take-outs and 2.8-sec overall cycles.
At the same time, Americans are eating fewer meals at home and more meals in restaurants or from fast food take-outs. Our food is no longer a "sacred event" shared by families sitting around the dinner table.
So such places as drive-thrus, take-outs, fast food chains, doughnut/coffee bars, burger bars are all busier than before and more of these outlets are operating nationwide.
The two Little Rock properties were former Chiquito's Take-Outs sites.
Grocery stores will start having in-store take-outs, much like a smorgasbord, he predicted.
A discount of P5 shall be given to consumers who bring their own containers for take-outs and purchase of food and beverages.
As of the first nine months of the year, 8990 Holdings has doubled its HDMF loan take-outs to P3.96 billion from just P1.73 billion in the same period last year.
Today's announcement brings the total number of policies approved for take-outs in 2015 to 1,178,693.