Tactical Asset Allocation

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Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA)

Portfolio strategy that allows active departures from the normal asset mix according to specified objective measures of value. Often called active management. It involves forecasting asset returns, volatilities, and correlations. The forecasted variables may be functions of fundamental variables, economic variables, or even technical variables.

Tactical Asset Allocation

An active management strategy for a portfolio or fund with a basic set of securities. The money manager changes the securities represented in the portfolio or fund as needed in order to take advantage of short-term profits. However, once the portfolio or fund attains those profits, the money manager returns to the basic set of securities it originally contained. The money manager may use fundamental, technical, and/or macroeconomic analysis in determining when and how to change the securities in the portfolio or fund.
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Hence, the 'underweight' in bonds as an asset class, both in our strategic, as well as our tactical asset allocation recommendation.
Meanwhile, Jeffrey had acted as a senior tactical asset allocation strategist.
Gary also served as Managing Director and Head of Research and Investment Strategy at Barclays Wealth Management where he re-structured and led a team of experts covering equities, bonds, currencies, alternative assets, fund research, strategic and tactical asset allocation.
The Fund's tactical asset allocation strategy will concentrate on identifying opportunities based on valuations, macro environment, market sentiment, and other idiosyncratic factors.
Zhuoying Xu, Director, Tactical Asset Allocation, Verizon Investment Management Corp Tim Barrett, Chief Investment Officer, Texas Tech University System Endowment Richard Borowy, Director of Alternative Investments, Pitcairn Eric Wong, Director, TCG Capital Jonathan J Miles, Vice President, Head of Alternative Strategies, Wilshire Associates Nick Markola, Managing Director & Head of Research, Fieldpoint Private Bank & Trust Patricia Alejo, Director of Investments, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Endowment Wesley Pulisic, Senior Investment Officer, NYS Retirement System Peter Ehret, Portfolio Manager, Employees Retirement System of Texas Marjorie Hogan, Chief Investment Officer, Altum Capital Management, LLC
AmInvest employs active tactical asset allocation between assets and sectors that is determined by analysis of economic factors.
The ETF portfolios cover tactical asset allocation plans, with the capability to make small adjustments over time to deal with the changing investment environment.
Derayah, El-Kewaiz said, had an advanced framework for portfolio structuring and tactical asset allocation for different portfolios.
Therefore, we have moved our tactical asset allocation to a 1% underweight in the UK.
Then came tactical asset allocation, leading to large shifts in funds, facilitated by the arrival of derivatives.
Once the tactical asset allocation is established, CAPTRUST conducts "boots on the ground" proprietary, bottom-up investment manager selection with quantitative and qualitative analysis to make recommendations to Jefferson National.
Zeiger will define and manage the investment advisory strategy of NBAD s Private Bank (Suisse) SA and lead the investment team which provides strategic and tactical asset allocation advice to NBAD s Private Banking clients.

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