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The Super Wi-Fi is a technology that uses TV white space to provide the wireless Internet service [2].
Microsoft has said that a mix of its TV white spaces technology, satellite internet and other connection methods could prove economically transformative for rural Americans who lack reliable access to broadband.
Then there is Stephen Cracknell, founder and CIO of US Medical IT, which offers telemedicine in rural areas and also sees to benefit from TV white spaces broadband.
Moving beyond the U.S., TV white spaces broadband could find a home in developing countries like in the Philippines where broadband internet access is still limited.
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Caption: The TV White Spaces trial run included high-resolution Skype video conferencing from three locations, each connected to the Internet with the help of Adaptrum's TVWS technology with the next steps are to enhance the network operational efficiency, and to trial video teaching, e-content distribution, and peering between the connected stations.
The authors in [16] described a multiserver multipriority queuing model for the analysis of feasibility of vehicular dynamic spectrum access in TV white spaces. They resorted to CR technologies and studied the feasibility of dynamic spectrum access schemes that tapped into TV white spaces, and in an attempt to secure interleaved channels suitable for making communication between vehicles.
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Microsoft has announced that it is collaborating with the Kenyan government and a local Internet service provider to provide broadband access using TV white spaces and solar-powered base stations.
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Vacant spectrum from unused analog television bands - commonly called "TV white spaces" - presents an important new frequency for Wi-Fi operation, and today's FCC ruling provides usable guidance that is responsive to industry recommendations.