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Trailing 12 months. Often used with Earnings Per Share.

Trailing Twelve Months

Referring to the most recently completed 12 month period. For example, trailing 12 month earnings refers to a company's earnings over the 12 months ending on the last day of the most recent month. Showing developments on a trailing 12 month basis is common way of tracking a company's finances. It is less commonly called last 12 months.

trailing twelve

Shorthand for “trailing 12 months of financials,” meaning profit and loss information for a property or business for the past 12 months. Also written as the abbreviation “ttm.”

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Hansson (16) afirmo que el desequilibrio de la cadera puede causar TTM, resultados semejantes a los obtenidos por Bergbreiter, quien relato que existe una mayor prevalencia de ruido articular en el lado del cuerpo en el cual la cadera se presenta mas baja (17).
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At the company's Oakland, NJ production facility, the TTM Coding & Serializing Stations have been outfitted to a newly-purchased MV-11 Triple Knife Outsert System, which produces right-turn-angle (RTA) cross-folded outserts with as many as 294 panels.
About 85% of the children received TTM 0.5% GFS (gel-forming solution), with parents instructed to apply 1 drop twice daily to the IH; 15% were prescribed 4 drops or more of TTM daily.
Per a Wall Street Journal report, key market data for AEV as of July 15, 2016 are: P/E ratio (TTM), 23.83x; EPS (TTM), P3.36; market cap, P445.24 billion; shares outstanding, 5.56 billion; public float, 1.55 billion; yield as of July 15, 2016, 1.33 percent; latest dividend P0.35 (April 19, 2016); ex-dividend date, March 17, 2016.
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