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TSE 300 (Toronto Stock Exchange index)

The stock price index representing a market capitalization average price on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This index was replace in May 2002 by the S&P/TSX Composite Index.
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Nevertheless, the results indicate that both indices are subject to calendar effects, although these are less evident in the TSE 300 index.
If you had owned the TSE 300 Index when Nortel plummeted, your investment would have tumbled considerably because the index was heavily weighted in that company.
Of course, a rise in the TSE 300 Index doesn't mean every stock in the market has increased in price.
This index has a better than 99-per-cent correlation with the TSE 300 Index and has approximately 97-per-cent correlation to the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard and Poors 500.
was added to the TSE 300 Index in the beginning of 2002.
The TSE 300 Index, introduced in 1977, is a broad market indicator that represents the 300 largest traded companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
00 per share, facilitate the Company's inclusion in the S&P/TSE Composite Index that is to replace the TSE 300 Index by year-end and have an indicative share price and amount of shares outstanding more in-line with its peer group.
Inclusion in the TSE 300 index is recognition of AltaGas' continuing solid financial performance and leading position in the Canadian natural gas midstream industry," said David Cornhill, CEO of AltaGas.
The TSE 300 Index is a market indicator of broad economic sector activity in Canada and represents the 300 largest traded companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
They are included in the Toronto Stock Exchange's TSE 300 index as well as the S&P/TSE Canadian Information Technology index.
Enserco is included on the TSE 300 Index, and trades under the symbol ERC.