TSE 300

TSE 300 (Toronto Stock Exchange index)

The stock price index representing a market capitalization average price on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This index was replace in May 2002 by the S&P/TSX Composite Index.
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the world leader in cryotherapy products to treat cardiovascular disease, today announced that, following the close of trading on January 24, 2002, the Company will join the TSE 300 Composite Index.
The extent of compliance with the TSE corporate governance guidelines was also evaluated by the authors by reviewing the fiscal 1997 corporate governance disclosures of all TSE 300 firms.
0 percent compared to the TSE 300 annualized return of 12.
Toronto, ON, has announced that it has been selected to become a member of the TSE 300 Composite Index (TSE 300).
During the 19-year period from September 30, 1978, to September 30, 1997, the TSE 300 lost at least 15% of its value no fewer than six times.
The TSE 300 Composite Index rose 15 points today to close at 3560', or 'The stock market fell this week, with the TSE 300 down 8 points to 3485.
This index has a better than 99-per-cent correlation with the TSE 300 Index and has approximately 97-per-cent correlation to the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard and Poors 500.
was added to the TSE 300 Index in the beginning of 2002.
TORONTO -- Hydrogenics Corporation , a leading designer and manufacturer of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell systems, announced today that the company has been selected by Standard & Poor's (S&P) to be added to Canada's TSE 300 Composite Index.
Its stock is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and is included on the TSE 300 Composite, S&P/TSE Canadian SmallCap and TSE 200 indices.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Crystallex International Corporation Toronto is pleased to announce that the Company's stock will be added to the TSE 300 Composite Index and the TSE 300 Capped Indices in the Gold and Precious Metals Group (02.
TSE:ALA) will be added to the TSE 300 Composite Index and the TSE 300 Capped Index, in the Oil & Gas Producers Group, the S&P/TSE Canadian SmallCap Index in the Energy Sector and the TSE 200 Index after the close of trading today, Thursday, October 25, 2001.