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Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)

The largest stock exchange in Japan with the some of the most active trading in the world.

Tokyo Stock Exchange

The second largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization. The TSE was established in 1878. After World War II, it experienced growth unprecedented in history. By the early 1990s, it accounted for approximately 60% of the world's market capitalization. It has since fallen because of the Asian Financial Crisis, but it remains one of the world's most important exchanges.


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The TSE has also been in talks with the London Stock Exchange about a potential operational alliance involving developing a stock trading system and cross-listing of exchange-traded funds.
Workshop documents, including illustrated transcripts of the presentations, a draft outline of critical elements in TSE risk evaluations, observations on human and animal issues, and workshop overviews, are available at http://www.
For example, investors sometimes compare the annual returns on the stocks in their portfolio with the yearly performance of the TSE 300 Index, which represents the performance of the market in general.
The FSA has said, ''The TSE has been obstructing the reconstruction of a business enterprise under a state program.
On June 4, 2002, TSE and NYSE signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to share market surveillance information in their respective markets;
Tsurushima will soon become TSE president succeeding Masaaki Tsuchida, who died in January.
The TSE said Sunday it had fixed the computer software for the stock-trading system that erroneously executed sell orders for Mizuho.
When printing, UniPrint TSE 64-bit creates a Portable Document Format (PDF) print job that is returned to the client workstation via UniPrint's private virtual channel, making it simple for users to print automatically, preview, save, or email print jobs.
The TSE plans to list itself on the bourse in fiscal 2005, starting April 1, 2005, and plans to have a wide-range of investors purchase the TSE shares to be bought back from the brokerages, the officials said.
Also, as PDF files are significantly smaller than other printing formats, UniPrint TSE actually reduces printer bandwidth utilization by over 90 percent - resulting in less work for the server, improved application performance, and faster, more efficient printing.
The TSE ''is considering reviewing criteria under which companies are delisted'' from the TSE's First and Second sections, Tsuchida told a news conference.
INGENICA's UniPrint solution will enable Propalms TSE users to replace all manufacturers' printer drivers with a single PDF generator at the terminal server to make it simple to print documents from any location to any accessible printer, irrespective of manufacturer - not only eliminating printer compatibility issues and printer-related help-desk costs, but also simplifying print driver management within server-based environments.