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In February 2018, the SC's First Division issued the TRO against the Ombudsman and the Sandiganbayan from proceeding with the trial of the charges filed with the Sandiganbayan in November 2017, during the term of Morales
Balutan, however, said that he terminated the franchise of erring STL owners but they sought help from the court which issued TROs and these delayed the effectivity of the termination.
THE Department of Energy (DOE) is consulting with government lawyers on how best to deal with the temporary restraining orders (TROs) issued by local courts suspending implementation of the agency's fuel unbundling policy.
Ybanez underscored that only the Supreme Court can issue an injunction or TRO as stipulated in Section 78 of the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 or the EPIRA Law.
Calderdale says 7,000 fines dating back to 2008 could be refunded as the council was unable to legally enforce them due to errors made to a TRO.
Because TRO providers combine a host of functions, they likely have strengths and weaknesses, Deviney says.
Ymunwch a ni gydol yr wythnos, bydd Heno wrth galon tymor Tro Ni!
A Dwi'n cofio'r tro cynta' erioed i mi gael mynd allan ar gwch ar fy mhen fy hun.
Leithead, who is now an adviser to councils on decriminalised parking, said: "I believe Edinburgh's main TRO is not lawful.
Candidates applying for membership via the Technical Report Option (TRO) route are required to demonstrate academic ability equivalent to that of MEng.