Toronto Stock Exchange

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Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)

Canada's largest stock exchange which was founded in 1861, the trading floor closed in 1997 and it became a completely electronic exchange. As of 2000, the TSX became a private company. In 2001, the TSX acquired the Canadian Venture Exchange which was renamed the TSX Venture Exchange. The average stock price is represented by the S&P/TSX Composite Index (which replaced the TSE 300 on May 1, 2002).

Toronto Stock Exchange

The largest stock exchange in Canada. Tracing its roots to the 1850s, the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1997 became one of the largest exchanges in North America to close its trading floor and begin operations electronically. It is a leader in the oil, gas, and mining industries, with more such companies trading on it than on any other exchange in the world.

Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE)

The main Canadian exchange for trading large-cap equity securities. The TSE moved from traditional floor trading to electronic trading in 1997 and in April 2000 demutualized to become a for-profit corporation. The Toronto Stock Exchange accounts for approximately 95% of all equity trading in Canada. Small-cap Canadian stocks are traded in Vancouver on the Canadian Venture Exchange.
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OTTAWA, Ontario -- Solace Systems, the leading provider of hardware-based middleware, today announced the TMX Group has selected Solace's Unified Messaging Platform as the messaging backbone within their data dissemination plant, the core technology that performs the distribution of Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange data feeds to market participants.
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TMX Atrium s venue-neutral platform delivers a simple yet flexible approach to accessing multiple venues and markets to trade the full range of asset classes and helps maximise choice for trading participants.
As part of TMX, Atrium Networks will be able to provide additional data content and increased access to trading solutions.
Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, Montreal Exchange, Natural Gas Exchange, Boston Options Exchange (BOX), Shorcan, Equicom and other TMX Group companies provide trading markets, clearing facilities, data products and other services to the global financial community.
TMX Group's key subsidiaries operate cash and derivative markets and clearinghouses for multiple asset classes including equities, fixed income and energy.
All TMX holders in this line feature the versatile DIN AD/B coolant system allowing for optional coolant through the spindle and/or the flange.
2010), in this study we examined the relationships among group dispositional composition, cooperation goals perception, and TMX.
TMX Group chief executive Tom Kloet said he still believed that a TMX-LSEG merger would "accelerate its business strategy .
8-billion) in cash for a 70 percent percent stake in TMX.
LSE will look toward Nasdaq if it does not get a deal with TMX.
The LSE unveiled its own merger proposal with TMX in February, as part of chief executive Xavier Rolet's desire to play a central role in the consolidation of international stock exchanges.