tenant improvement allowance

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tenant improvement (TI) allowance

A negotiated sum a landlord is willing to spend to customize space for the needs of a particular tenant. For second-generation space—that with walls, doors,ceiling tiles,lighting,and electrical already in place because of a prior tenant—the offered TI allowance will typically be enough to replace worn carpets and wallpaper, paint walls, freshen up some cabinetry, and move a minor number of walls and doors. For first-generation space—brand new space—the TI allowance is often insufficient to complete construction with even the most inexpensive quality of components.Construction expenses in excess of the TI allowance must be paid by the tenant.

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Besides, the tenant at the property, Green Peak Industries LLC will also complete improvements in the building and will be reimbursed to up to USD2.2m (the TI allowance).
The lease provides for an initial annualised aggregate base rent of USD 2,520,000, payable monthly, which is equal to 14% of the sum of the purchase price of the property and the TI Allowance, subject to an initial partial base rent abatement.
For distressed real estate, the TI allowance for the vacant space may actually be increased to spur or entice leasing activity.
If comparable new leases include a TI allowance, this amount should be deducted in determining true market rent.
In 2018, Price said free rent averages will likely remain stable while TI allowances may shrink.View the full article from NJBIZ at http://www.njbiz.com/article/20180613/NJBIZ01/180619924/report-landlords-offer-higher-concessions-in-nj.