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With the launch of the TDR Option, the TS9000 Series continues to define the company's new approach to measurement utilizing terahertz technology, adding critical support for advanced electronic device measurement and product quality management.
More clarity was needed to define what specific factors triggered a troubled debt restructuring classification because of the conflicting views on how creditors defined a TDR.
The report lays out a concrete example of how the city could design a new, more flexible TDR program that balances these competing goals.
TDR executive vice-chairman Bill McGawley said: "When the public sector wanted to set up something like TDR, it said to businesses it wanted someone to run it.
Therefore, in order to implement TDR as a basis for monitoring moisture content of wet-stored logs, it was first necessary to carry out a calibration study.
TDR is one of the least expensive methods for monitoring slope movement.
Although CT100 Series TDRs can acquire up to 500 TDR waveforms per second natively, the new software upgrades give CT Viewer(TM) the ability to remotely acquire TDR data at frame-rates of more than 250 waveforms per second and store it as an AVI video file for later playback and analysis.
This enables the subtraction of baseline data which can be critical because TDR is very sensitive to the small changes from the baseline data that could occur over time.
In this article a 3-meter long cable was used to build a topological model from TDR data, then the model was scaled up and electrical performance was predicted for a 10-meter long prototype.
The TDR consists of a large ring and a series of numbered targets.
Among the leading firms collecting such TDR data is Kane GeoTech, based in Stockton, California, which has carried out much of its work on the levee systems in the floodplain around Sacramento.