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It must be noted that TDR reached out far beyond sustainability sciences and saw wide applications in public health research and in the arts and the humanities.
One major difference is the focus on the intervention and transformation of the RwL's research activities, whereas TDR implements a rather moderate approach.
Another difference can be identified on the scale level whereas TDR covers all scale-levels (even though macro-scale studies remain scarce), RwLs take a strong stand to micro-scale and mesoscale settings (Schneidewind 2014).
The typical output of a TDR measurement is a reflectogram, which displays the reflection coefficient ([rho]) of the system under test as a function of the apparent distance ([]).
As a general rule, the higher the relative dielectric permittivity of the medium in which the SE is inserted, the slower will the TDR signal propagate along the SE [27].
consensus as to which side of the Takings Clause such TDR programs are
TDR programs without giving constitutional concerns careful and
The two companies are hopeful that an agreement can be reached to complete the deal by the end of the summer, subject to discussion with TDR and consultation with affected employees.
Ian Young, managing director at TDR, said: "We believe these ongoing discussions with British Engines are an important step in enabling us to develop a demand led, state-of-the-art facility that will be capable of fulfilling the current and future expectations of North East businesses.
The TDR enthusiasts will also be treated to a music festival at Makhubu club in Selebi Phikwe on June 22.
BCA, formerly British Car Auctions, said it would recommend the merger proposal to shareholders if TDR Capital makes a firm offer for the company.
Under UK takeover rules, TDR is required to make an offer by July 18, or walk away.