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Where custom tarp fabrication is needed for extensive recovery projects, Tarps Now[R] offers a convenient custom tarp ordering application on it's website, with order processing routed electronically to facilitate rapid fabrication and shipment.
Applications with overlapping buffer zones are subject to additional requirements: within a 36-hour period after the completion of the first application, only a combined maximum of 40 acres can be treated, and buffer zone distances depend on tarps and acreage for all applications.
I've used this method for four years now and haven't had one tarp come loose.
Its tarps are used by truckers travelling on the ice roads in the country's far north.
We've gone so far as to pass laws prohibiting any expensive repairs, and we've seen more and more blue tarps thrown over the leaks in every public service in Oregon.
Tarps Now[R] features an extensive online catalog of canvas tarps, poly tarps, custom tarps and covers, mesh tarps, vinyl tarps materials engineered to meet the needs of Hurricane recovery.
The fall 2009 trial was designed to evaluate fumigant emission, distribution and efficacy from three Telone C35 rates (full rate: 100% of the maximum label rate, which is 48 gallons, or 540 pounds, per acre; 75% of full rate [0.75]; and 50% of full rate [0.5]) plus a nonfumigated control and two types of plastic tarps, standard polyethylene and TIF.
Last, but not least, make sure you keep your tank covered with a tarp, especially when it's going to be stored for a while.
I always feel the most affection for my tarps when they're neatly folded on a shelf.
I have found inexpensive polyethylene tarps to work better and be less troublesome.
Farmers had hoped plastic tarps would keep the pesticide down on the farm and allow them to press for a change in the law.