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Treasury's TARP program in the aftermath of the 2008 financial meltdown.
This study was designed to determine the effectiveness of TIF in reducing emission rates and total mass loss of chloropicrin and 1,3-D and to show the extent that peaks associated with tarp cutting change as a function of tarp deployment period.
This has predictably led to higher prices for canvas tarps as there are not many manufacturers with capacity to meet the demand.
When it comes to multi-purpose uses, especially in emergencies, tarps aren't far behind such old favorites as plastic 5-gallon buckets, duct tape and baling wire.
com's mesh trash hauler tarps are made from heavy duty knitted nylon fabrics.
That makes the bank's TARP claim awkward to say the least.
The CDFI program sets the interest rate for the TARP funds at 2% for the first eight years.
With one out and none on in the ninth, more than a dozen youngsters gathered on the tarp in anticipation of another homer - and that's where McGwire hit it.
By far the most mail came from the tarp shelter article.
Global Banking News-July 3, 2014--Popular completes repayment of TARP funds