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TALF is an alloy containing 99% aluminum, and by optimizing the processing method using finer particles of aluminum crystals, the company succeeded in providing high strength and high heat resistance without damaging the chip.
TALF endeavored to fill the balance sheet vacuum left in the wake of the withdrawal of levered ABS investors and to short-circuit the seemingly endless cycle of ABS spread-widening, by providing term asset-backed funding otherwise unavailable to investors.
TALF facilitated issuance of new ABS and, even more importantly, provided a safety net by allowing people holding ABS products to borrow by putting up these products as collateral at a given price.
Under TALF, the company had sold a USD1bn credit card loan-backed bond at 135 basis points over the one month London interbank offered rate in June.
S&P's expected downgrades complicate the government's TALF program to make financing more available for commercial real estate.
8 billion--or 60 percent--of the $40 billion in credit card ABS debt issued has been submitted to the TALF for financing.
The Fed has extended the TALF -- which has the potential to generate up to a $1 trillion in lending for households and businesses -- into next year.
Promote policies that support the securitized credit markets and don't impede economic recovery and efforts aimed at facilitating the private market, such as TALF and the Public-Private Investment Program (PPIP).
Cuticelli has expanded the firm's core disciplines into the asset backed securities arena, as an anchor investor in TALF bonds, and has become a provider of Debtor in Possession financing to real estate related entities in bankruptcy.
TALF Asset Expansion is a program that the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department continue to consider carefully whether and under what conditions it would be appropriate to expand the TALF to include securities backed by other asset classes, such as commercial mortgage-backed securities, private label residential mortgage-backed securities, or structured financings backed by corporate debt.