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Tactical Asset Allocation

An active management strategy for a portfolio or fund with a basic set of securities. The money manager changes the securities represented in the portfolio or fund as needed in order to take advantage of short-term profits. However, once the portfolio or fund attains those profits, the money manager returns to the basic set of securities it originally contained. The money manager may use fundamental, technical, and/or macroeconomic analysis in determining when and how to change the securities in the portfolio or fund.

Trade Adjustment Assistance

1. A program of the U.S. Department of Labor providing financial assistance and employment retraining for persons who have lost jobs or suffered wage or hour reductions due to imports or outsourcing outside the United States.

2. A program of the U.S. Department of Commerce providing financial assistance for companies that have suffered hardship due to competition from cheaper imports. The assistance is intended to make these companies more competitive through diversifying products and other means.

3. A program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture providing payments to farmers who suffer reduced prices for their crops resulting from increased supply due to imports.
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The TAA is the largest Turkic civil society organization in the US, consisting of six regional federations and including more than 200 associations.
1088 is an example of the type of TAA we need enacted into law," Hoffa said.
In September, Daily News Egypt reported that the TAA underwent structural reforms.
With the new Heli-FX system for TAA, we will have the ability to reduce those risks by addressing imperfect apposition of an endograft in angulated thoracic aortic anatomies and secure grafts in anatomies where endograft migration could become an issue.
The Department of Labor reports simple statistics that measure, for example, the percentage of beneficiaries who are able to find employment following their participation in the TAA program.
says he plans to attach TAA to the House-passed GSP bill in the near future.
Ashwini, who joined TAA in 2004, continues to don Jharkhand jerseys in Senior Federation Cup Athletics Championship, Senior Inter-District Meet and three prize money events in the domestic circuit.
Currently the TAA applies a rule-of-origin requirement to the end product being supplied and requires that end products acquired by the government must be "wholly the growth, product and manufacture" of the U.
During the 3-year period from fiscal years 2004 through 2006, Labor certified nearly 4,700 petitions for TAA covering an estimated 400,000 workers.
In addition, Congress's decision in 1980 to vest judicial review of TAA cases exclusively within the U.
After 3 months the two TAA treated groups developed cirrhosis after which the results determined that the rats in the RT extract group displayed a significant reduction in TAA-induced hepatic toxicity as assessed via histological examination and biochemical markers.