synthetic stock

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Synthetic stock

An option strategy that is equivalent to the underlying stock. A long call and a short put is synthetic long stock. A long put and a short call is sythetic short stock.

Synthetic Stock

A position in which one owns a call option and has sold a put option on the same underlying asset, which is a stock. A synthetic stock acts like a stock because both open the investor to theoretically unlimited gains and losses depending on the price movements of the stock. Because of this, a synthetic stock is taxed like a regular stock.

synthetic stock

The purchase of a call and simultaneous sale of a put on the same stock. This combination produces unlimited potential gains if the stock rises but unlimited potential losses if the stock falls—the same results as if the stock were owned.
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Brown Precision, makers of synthetic stocks, has recently announced an upgraded version of the Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rimfire rifle.
The best synthetic stocks such as Manners and MacMillan are so far superior to wood there is just no comparison.
Although I don't recall seeing any early synthetic stocks in his shop, I suppose he probably messed with them a bit.
In addition, the Purchasing Agency is seeking prices for printing on synthetic stocks.
In between, there are various models that offer a choice of wood or synthetic stocks, plain butts or adjustable cheek-pieces, globe front sights with interchangeable inserts, or the hooded fiber-optic post that was on my test rifle.
Black Shadow features matte-black finish with synthetic stocks in 26- and 28-inch barrels.
Prestige's high-definition digital labels can be printed on virtually any label or tag substrate, including a broad range of paper, film, foil, card and synthetic stocks.
Available in a variety of configurations, from standard polish blue and wood all the way to camouflage, weatherproof synthetic stocks and stainless steel, the inline muzzleloader is geared to those that shoot modern centerfire rifles and offer many similar features such as a bolt (as a bolt action rifle would have), manual safeties and sling swivels.
Printed on a Xerox DocuColor 2045 Digital Color Press, the promotional piece provides samples of prints on a wide variety of synthetic stocks.
There are four models being offered with synthetic stocks in either black, Real Tree APG or Mossy Oak Shadow Grass camouflage and two models with walnut stocks.
Beretta has an answer for the cold gun hand--the Grip Kit B-Warm, which fits the Xtrema and Urika synthetic stocks.
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