synthetic asset

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Synthetic Asset

A position in which one takes various positions to create the same effect as holding a certain asset or other investment vehicle. For example, one may borrow funds in one currency and lend the same amount in another currency in order to create the same effect as having a forward contract on one of the currencies.
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synthetic asset

The combination of securities and/or assets in such a way that they produce the same financial effect as the ownership of an entirely different asset would. For example, selling a put option and buying a call option on a commodity produce the same financial effect as actually owning the underlying commodity.
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Recently, the volumetric demand for curcumin has surged, owing to the shift of end users from synthetic products to natural products due to rising awareness.
Hence, the government and authorities concerned should put out awareness advertisements and hold seminars to inform the public about the difference between fresh milk and synthetic products which are damaging our posterity.
The film can potentially be used in food packaging, plastic bags, and other products, reducing the amount of synthetic products clogging landfills.
VTT's further development projects are focused on making the LigniOx solution competitive against synthetic products and exploring its commercial potential.
Those who wonder and want to learn the science behind polythene, synthetic rubber, Bakelite, nylon tyres and so many other synthetic products in daily life, B.
In his new role, Seeto will help provide services such as stock loans, swaps and synthetic products to hedge funds.
According to the company, it will increase its micro glass products in the range from 6% to 8%, as well as synthetic products by up to 12%, depending upon the structure of pricing agreements currently in place.
Many synthetic products, like carpets and paints and manufactured wood and other building materials give off things like formaldehyde and traces of toxic fumes that pollute indoor air.
Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems has continued to develop its Bolidtop[R] 700 series.
Compared with natural shakes and slates, synthetic products offer easier, faster installation and generate less waste, says Pat McGrady, general manager for Mundelein, Ill.-based EcoStar, which makes Majestic Slate.
Total world rubber consumption, including natural and synthetic products, is expected to increase from 20.03 million metric tons in 2004 to 23.84 million metric tons in the next four years, or an annual growth rate of 3.5%.

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