synthetic asset

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Synthetic Asset

A position in which one takes various positions to create the same effect as holding a certain asset or other investment vehicle. For example, one may borrow funds in one currency and lend the same amount in another currency in order to create the same effect as having a forward contract on one of the currencies.
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synthetic asset

The combination of securities and/or assets in such a way that they produce the same financial effect as the ownership of an entirely different asset would. For example, selling a put option and buying a call option on a commodity produce the same financial effect as actually owning the underlying commodity.
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The average corrosion rate (V) and the inhibition efficiency (IE, %) the synthetic product were calculated as follows:
Earlier, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in his usual feisty self, minced no words in vowing to make the traders of fake rice eat the synthetic product after sacks of the bogus variety were found in the region .
"Our company's synthetic product sales have grown substantially since Morrow became director of synthetic sales," noted Richard T.
NACD director Mairead Lyons added that a new synthetic product is in trials to "fully under- stand and appreciate the benefit of cannabis" for medical use.
Coumarin is an organic synthetic product used in the perfume and fragrance industries as a fixative.
Other areas of the country, however, do treat haemophiliacs with the synthetic product.
"You can make a lot more better-quality products with a synthetic product today than five [years], three or even one year ago," he said.
The synthetic product will be given to children and other new patients.
Now, fearing he may also be infected with new variant CJD, he is demanding that Newcastle NHS Primary Care Trust must fund his treatment with a safer synthetic product, Recombinant Factor 8.
A safe, synthetic product, Recombinant Factor VIII, has been available for almost a decade, but its high cost means it is only available to under-16s on the NHS.
But it will increase the fears of haemophiliacs - and reinforces their demands for a synthetic product which is virtually free of the risk of blood-borne viruses.
Recently, the volumetric demand for curcumin has surged, owing to the shift of end users from synthetic products to natural products due to rising awareness.

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