Lead arranger

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Lead arranger

The senior tier of arranger
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Lead Arranger

In investment banking, an underwriting firm that leads a syndicate. A syndicate is a group of underwriters responsible for placing a new issue of a security with investors. Every syndicate is a temporary arrangement. The lead arranger assigns parts of the new issue to other underwriters for placement and usually takes the largest part itself. It is also called a managing underwriter or a syndicate manager or, less formally, a book runner.
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Visitors can meet owners, trainers, jockeys and racecourse staff as well as a number of syndicate managers promoting racehorse ownership.
The entrepreneurs or syndicate managers may begin with a profile of the ideal target investor, but often cede their criteria as the rigors of fundraising incite "founder's (or finder's) fatigue"--when all money begins to look like the same shade of green.
As the head of the J&H syndicate managers and with the full support of his parent company, an internationally savvy broker, he had four active and successful syndicates under management with plans to add at least a half-dozen more.
Graham Stacey, one of Harris's syndicate managers, said: "The horse got a kick back in May and then the ground was too fast for him in the summer - but conditions were ideal for him today.
They can meet owners, trainers, jockeys and racecourse staff, as well as syndicate managers promoting ownership.
The amendments also reduce the deadline in MSRB Rule G-11(j) for the payment of designations from 30 calendar days to 10 calendar days after bond closing and require co-managers to provide syndicate managers with their designations within two business days after bond closing.
Some of them are clearly run by the syndicate managers as lifestyle businesses where the syndicate owners are in effect paying for that lifestyle.
As well as claiming that Stewart breached his duty of care, the shareholders allege that syndicate managers Sire Custodians failed to act in their best interests.
LAMBOURN-based Henry Ponsonby, one of Britain's longest-serving syndicate managers, has made a regular pilgrimage to Perth since the 1970s.
There are four typical 'amateur' intermediaries - trainers, bloodstock agents, syndicate managers and shippers.
Syndicate managers Stephen and George Goodwin call for disqualification for whip offences
For purposes of this article, refer to that Single organization as a banking syndicate and the treasury professional who manages the activity as a banking syndicate manager.

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