Sydney Futures Exchange

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Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE)

The derivatives market of Australia.

Sydney Futures Exchange

The former primary derivatives exchange in Australia. In 2006, it merged with the Australian Stock Exchange to form the Australian Securities Exchange.
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1) The Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) is organised similarly to US futures markets.
ASX comprises two market licensees and four licensed clearing and settlement facilities - ASX Limited, ASX Clear Pty Limited (formerly known as Australian Clearing House Pty Limited), ASX Settlement Pty Limited (formerly known as ASX Settlement and Transfer Corporation Pty Limited), Australian Securities Exchange Limited (formerly known as Sydney Futures Exchange Limited), ASX Clear (Futures) Pty Limited (formerly known as SFE Clearing Corporation Pty Limited) and Austraclear Limited.
The indices are constructed using the largest and most liquid stocks in each country's markets and were designed with the assistance of the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE).
It's an unusual case because of the cross market manipulation in both the Sydney futures exchange and the stock exchange, but the issues that arise in this case are not uncommon,'' he said.
The Sydney Futures Exchange is looking to "do some mutually cooperative" deals with exchanges in Asia as well as compete head-on for business.

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