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We conducted two experiments designed to test the switching costs of symbolic and realistic types of intergroup threat, and the depletion of executive resources needed for switching tasks.
Flavored and functional water are generally priced similar to carbonated drinks, which reduces the switching costs for the consumers, thus increasing flavored and functional water attractiveness.
owners to appropriate user switching costs. This overcompensation is the
The custodian business model benefits from economies of scale and possesses high barriers to entry due to high technology costs and also features high switching costs. The business also generates significant deposit balances that Fitch considers core in nature.
His key takeaway is that while the industry may be welcoming of a new offering over time, Medidata is unlikely to see customer attrition in the near-term given "strong existing service, high switching costs, and lack of comparable competitive offerings." As such, Santangelo has incremental confidence in Medidata' competitive position.
Additionally, switching costs and switching barriers are also viewed as key determinants of customer loyalty (de Matos et al., 2009; Lee et al., 2001).
Inattention and Switching Costs as Sources of Inertia in Medicare Part D
In this sense, we developed and tested a theoretical model considering the constructs: perceived value, service provider reputation, trust, and switching costs as antecedents to customer retention.
The problem: switching costs and network effects favor the status quo (Luther forthcoming).
Switching costs function as a marketing implement that constrains consumers' behaviors by discouraging customers from switching to another service provider and thus strengthening customer loyalty (Inoue & Kent, 2014; Chebat, Davidow, & Borges, 2011).