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Tradepoint said that virt-x would use the Swiss exchange's trading platform and the trade in Swiss blue chips would alone account for about eight per cent of Europe-wide blue chip trading and bring in pounds 39 million in annual revenue.
For members of the SIX Swiss Exchange, a new order type will be made available that will provide access to Liquidnet's exclusively buy-side liquidity pool.
Avalon Securities Ltd acted as financial advisor to arrange the SSF for Balluun and continues to work with the company regarding its strategic plans for a SIX Swiss Exchange listing and a future NASDAQ listing.
The parties have been looking to close the move by the middle of the year, Reuters said.Country: AustriaSector: Banking/Financial ServicesTarget: Paylife Bank GmbHBuyer: SIX Swiss Exchange LtdVendor: Bank Austria, Raiffeisen Zentralbank Oesterreich AG (RZB), BAWAG, Erste Group Bank AGType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: AgreedComment: The deal is said to be worth USD131m.
The confirmation comes after SIX Swiss Exchange said earlier on Thursday that it was launching an investigation.
SIX Swiss Exchange also plans to reduce the transaction charges for small- and mid-cap stocks in January next year.
Transocean (NYSE:RIG) (VTX:RIGN.VX) said on Monday that it intends to delist its shares from the SIX Swiss Exchange (SIX) prior to year-end and the related delisting in the first quarter of 2016..
The debt was issued at 100.623% of face value and would be listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.
From Monday, 3 January 2011, users will be able to subscribe to SIX Swiss Exchange's post-trade service for CHF 5 (a[logical not]3.83) per month.
At 09:25 CET on Wednesday, the shares in ABB traded at CHF21.15, up by 0.52% from opening, on the SIX Swiss Exchange. On the OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm, the stock had edged up 0.55% to SEK145.70.
The dividend will be paid on 22 September 2015 and the ex-dividend date on the Nasdaq Global Select Market will be 17 September and on the SIX Swiss Exchange on 18 September 2015.

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