surplus funds

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Surplus funds

Cash flow available after payment of taxes in a project.
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Surplus Funds

Money remaining after all liabilities, including taxes, insurance, and operating expenses, are paid. Having surplus funds means that a company has made a profit or perhaps that it has completed a project under budget. Surplus funds indicate prudent management of funds over the course of the company's operations or project.
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surplus funds

The situation in which a foreclosure sale results in more money than is necessary to pay off the mortgage loan plus all expenses and costs of foreclosure.

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Indian missions have a surplus fund of around 240 million rupees (Dh13.76 million), which was collected over the years, Navdeep Singh Suri, the Indian Ambassador to the UAE, said.
The government's surplus fund under its budget for the year ending in March came to 1.47 trillion yen.
STATE- RUN Oil and Natural Gas Corp ( ONGC) is against investing its surplus fund with PSU banks as giving business on nomination basis was causing loss of interest revenue to it.
The UK's largest insurer, which was formerly known as Norwich Union, has a surplus fund of pounds 1.2billion built up when policyholders die and can't be traced.
"I am confident that the fivea-side market will continue to increase in popularity as more players, both men and women, become involved The company, whose chairman is Sean Tracey, said Powerleague intended to pay dividends in the future but had not declared a dividend for this year and will use the surplus fund to further pay down bank debt and grow the business
They explained to the officers at the Indian embassy that "by adding another RO900,000, to the Reserves and Surplus fund, school buildings can be constructed in Darsait.
Up to 900,000 people have been offered sweeteners of between pounds 200 and pounds 1,000 in return for surrendering their rights to any future returns from the surplus fund built up over decades.
The surplus fund, or revenue overflow, is estimated to reach 320 billion yen in fiscal 2003 as the government is to curb spending on road construction in line with its plan to cut back budgetary expenditures on public works.
The association and the school made a profit in the last two years, resulting in a surplus fund of about Dh1.1 million.
The decision means that Axa's company reorganisation scheme, under which it will retain control of the surplus fund for future expansion of its 'with profits' business rather than distribute it to policyholders, can take effect from April 1.
Global Banking News-April 27, 2017--Penn Mutual settles insurance surplus fund suit