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In technical analysis, a series of high and low prices for a security that, when plotted on a chart, looks vaguely like a triangle. A triangle indicates that investors do not know whether a bull market or a bear market will prevail. If the triangle breaks upward, it is a bullish sign, but if it breaks downward, it is a bearish sign. A triangle is also called a wedge. See also: Ascending sign, Descending sign.
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In technical analysis, a chart pattern indicating the convergence in the movement of successive high and low prices and characterized by a formation that resembles a triangle turned on its side. A triangle indicates a period of combat between bulls and bears with the technical analyst having to determine the winner. If prices break out of the triangle on the upside, it is a bullish sign. A breakout on the downside indicates the bears are winners. The closer the breakout occurs to the point of the triangle, the less conclusive the signal to buy or sell. Also called coil, flag, pennant, wedge. See also ascending triangle, descending triangle.
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By substituting (36) into (35), the unknown function integral equations of the sliding surface normal stress can be obtained as I
f) Surface normal vectors computed using (Holzer et al., 2012).
The two scanned images were oriented relative to each other for comparison using the shape-alignment algorithm described previously, and analysis was performed of the MRD, interquartile range, and mean surface normal angle difference.
Since [??] is the surface normal, this merely expresses the constraint that the tangential component of E vanishes.
This condition can be expressed as the unit free surface normal [[vector].n] along the wall,
The dynamic FEM results shown here demonstrate that changes in the parameters of temporal shape of the source rise time, source rise-time value and dimensions and distribution of the region of the surface normal stress result in changes in the shear/Rayleigh wave (which dominates the wave generated).
where V is volume of sample bounded by the surface S, q is the heat flux vector, n is the unit outward surface normal, [h.sub.s] is the sink of heat, c and [rho] are the specific heat and the density, respectively.
Preliminary studies on a sample set including 12 malignant melanomas and 34 benign lesions have given 91.7% sensitivity and 76.4% specificity from analysis of the 3D skin surface normal, the team said, which is more accurate than the results obtained from 2D pattern recognition.
The PSI is incorrectly measuring surface height and misinterpreting the local surface normal in a manner that varies with the tilt angle and with the position of a surface element within the field of view.
The probe seven illumination fibers evenly spaced around the circumference of the probe and at a 45[degrees] angle from the surface normal. A central detection fiber at 0[degrees] from the surface normal picks up the diffusely scattered light and returns it to the instrument for analysis.
Originally created to support the 5-axis machining requirements of precision watch making industry, ProAXYZ offers sophisticated functionality for 5axis hole-making, swarf cutting, curve/edge machining, engraving, and surface normal machining.
Tool Axis Control has been enhanced to set the axis automatically or manually within lines, points or at surface normal.

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