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A U.S. federal program dedicated to cleaning and/or removing environmentally hazardous sites in the United States. Superfund works with state, local and tribal governments to clean brownfields and to eliminate hazardous waste, whether it was dumped purposely, accidentally or even legally.



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Superfund Site is a former sewage hauling site occupying 11 acres in Fairfield.
Some Superfund sites are mostly municipal waste, because there's so much of it,"
The national focus on redeveloping Superfund sites builds on the success EPA has achieved in its Brownfields program.
One of the best ways to avoid the Superfund sites of tomorrow is to understand the environmental threats to our natural resources today.
Environmental Protection Agency is reviewing the site cleanup and remedy at the Suffolk City Superfund Sites in Virginia.
MR3's implementation at the Department of Energy's Hanford Superfund Site of a 50-gallon per minute (gpm) turnkey system for processing and removing Chromium (VI) from groundwater, the Company's flagship project in the Public Funded Environmental Remediation (PFER) market, continues to perform to Hanford's specification and requirements.
The groundwater monitoring proposal is the fifth cleanup plan the naval air station has issued since being listed as a Superfund site in 1987.
Environmental Protection Agency spokesman Francisco Arcaute said the solar farm is the biggest constructed to date on a Superfund site.
The San Gabriel Valley Area Superfund site is located in suburban Los Angeles County.
Locus is pleased to build on its established and in-depth experience at Superfund sites in the west and its extensive resume with chlorinated hydrocarbon investigation and remediation programs.
Under the Superfund law, shippers of waste to Superfund sites can be held liable for the cost of cleanup.
AK Steel is responsible for cleanup of the Hamilton Superfund site, where coke and iron were produced for many years.

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