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Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity

A statistical measure of the average error between a best fit line and actual data that uses past data to predict future performance. General Autoaggressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity is the most common way of doing this. See also: Fractal Distribution.
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[1] The continuation of SUA as superficial palmar arch by passing superficial to flexor retinaculum, as observed by us is the usual mode of termination.
The ulnar branch of the superficial antebrachial artery persists independently, without its usual anastomosis to the branch of the axis atery, as the large lateral branch of the brachial artery and the superficial ulnar atery, which is found in the distal part of the forearm and joins the superficial palmar arch. If the brachial artery is taken to terminate into radial and interosseous arteries, the simpler embryological basis of the interosseous artery and the origin and course of the unusual branch of the brachial artery, replacing the ulnar artery, is the following.
Deep Palmar Arch: This arterial arch provides a second channel connecting the radial and ulnar arteries in the palm, the first one being the superficial palmar arch. It is formed mainly by terminal part of the radial artery, and is completed medially at the base of the fifth metacarpal bone by the deep palmar branch of the ulnar artery.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: There is importance of understanding the morphology of the superficial palmar arch for the purpose for micro vascular repair and re-implantation.
The complete superficial palmar arch was found in 14 (56%) samples and 11 (44%) samples it was incomplete.
CASE REPORT: The present case demonstrates the variation in the branching pattern of brachial artery, course of radial artery and the formation of superficial palmar arch in the left upper extremity of a 60 yrs old male cadaver during routine undergraduate dissection in the department of Anatomy.

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