sunset clause

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Sunset Clause

A clause in a law or regulation automatically abolishing that law or regulation after a stated period of time. In order for the law or regulation to continue to have effect, specific action must be taken. A law or regulation without a sunset clause continues indefinitely. The U.S. state of Texas has sunset clauses abolishing nearly every state agency every 12 years unless they are specifically renewed.

sunset clause

A provision in a sales contract that sets a date for closing and after which the contract will be unenforceable except for provisions related to damages or earnest money refund or retention.

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Our argument is that the sunset provision reflected KYS's desire to constrain his successors from creating a large regulatory state of any kind.
35) This Act similarly contains a fiscal evaluation and sunset provision effective January 1, 1997.
The policy document, which was sent to the governor, commissioner of education, and legislative leadership, called on the state to eliminate the sunset provision in the Act and to treat virtual public schools equally by using the same accountability standards as used for every other public school in the state.
The OHV program was facing expiration under a sunset provision in the original law, which established the program in 1971.
One day after Conference attendees left Capitol Hill, the United States House of Representatives passed legislation that would remove the sunset provision and make permanent President Bush's 10-year tax cut package (P.
Consistent with the original proposal, the final rule also contains a sunset provision that automatically eliminates the entire threshold review process once the banking agencies have implemented final rules governing the capital requirements for merchant banking activities.
Contain a sunset provision after which no suits can be filed (anticipated to be January 1, 2016).
I'm a believer that there should be a sunset provision on anything that's passed.
A current sunset provision allows these practitioners to continue only until October 1998.
Further, it called for the elimination of the sunset provision and codified that Tennessee's school districts are best equipped to provide and oversee their own virtual public schools and should have autonomy as the sole establishing and creating entity.
He also said the town does not need a sunset provision because selectmen can vote to take down signs on local roads at any time.
If it does not, the automatic sunset provision written into current law will cause the tax cuts to disappear for everyone at the end of the year, the opposite of McConnell's wish.