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The distinction between formative and summative evaluation is concerned with ultimate use of value judgement.
Summative evaluation measures noted students that were able to apply knowledge, not only in a simulated environment, but also in case scenarios on course exams.
ERIC Descriptors: Teacher Evaluation; Evaluation Methods; Standards; School Districts; Fidelity; Program Implementation; Pilot Projects; Administrator Qualifications; Evaluators; Training; Educational Objectives; Educational Environment; Teacher Attitudes; Scores; Scoring Rubrics; Stakeholders; Intervention; Educational Change; Documentation; Surveys; Attitude Measures; Administrator Attitudes; Principals; Teaching Conditions; Employment Level; Teacher Responsibility; Observation; Meetings; Portfolios (Background Materials); Self Evaluation (Individuals); Faculty Development; Instructional Effectiveness; Rating Scales; Summative Evaluation; Measurement Techniques; Teacher Competencies; Elementary School Teachers; Middle School Teachers; High Schools; Secondary School Teachers
Finally, after an exhibition has opened, we undertake summative evaluation to establish how successful an individual project has been in meeting its objectives and inform the development of future displays.
The objective of this study was to implement a micropayment system pilot for small businesses, and to carry out a summative evaluation of the implemented system.
"The directors of all courses and clerkships must design and implement a system of formative and summative evaluation of student achievement in each course and clerkship"11
The report's community plan includes four sets of activities: community health assessment, surveillance, community program and intervention monitoring and summative evaluation. The national plan focuses on planning, implementing and evaluating programmatic and policy outcomes, resulting in data that will allow officials to compare their progress to other state, regional or national efforts.
"The moneys management section of (the act) appears to be directly addressing First Nations' moneys management concerns; however, it remains unclear whether First Nations see the program as the most appropriate solution to current regulatory issues for oil and gas management," notes an Aboriginal Affairs summative evaluation.
In addition, concepts such as storyboards, prototyping, formative and summative evaluation, proximity, visual design, and evaluation were also part of this book.
These competitions are often used as a form of summative evaluation. Students' emotions can run particularly high when there is the added pressure of determining not only who plays or sings well, but whose performance is the best (Miller, 1994).
In summative evaluation, evidence is gathered after the program has been developed in an attempt to determine program effectiveness.