Subscription price

Subscription price

Price that current shareholders pay for a share of stock in a rights offering.
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Subscription Price

The price at which an underwriter offers a new issue of a security or, more commonly, a rights offering to the public. The subscription price is fixed and subscribers may only subscribe at that price.
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subscription price

The price at which rights holders may acquire shares in a new securities issue. The subscription price is usually set at slightly less than the market price so as to ensure that it will be successfully sold. Compare oversubscription privilege. See also rights offering.
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Subscription price.

The subscription price is the discounted price at which a current shareholder can buy additional shares of company stock before these newly available shares are offered for sale to the general public.

In some cases the shareholder can buy the new shares without incurring a brokerage fee.

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Reportedly, 127,499 new shares have been subscribed for with the 2015A stock options at a subscription price of EUR 2.76 and 102,500 new shares have been subscribed for with the 2015AII stock options at a subscriptions price of EUR 3.00.
The mutual termination of agreement, which took effect yesterday, comes two days before the March 31 deadline to settle the entire subscription price, PXP Energy disclosed to the Philippine Stock Exchange yesterday.
The December agreement stated that both parties agreed to reschedule and accelerate the full payment of Dennison's subscription in 340,000,000 common shares of PXP, at an aggregate subscription price of P4.03 billion, to not later than March 31; and for Dennison to pay the down payment on or before January 7.
The subscription price will be the equal of the lesser of (i) 90% of the Volume Weighted Average Price ("VWAP") for our common stock for the ten (10) trading day period ending on the Record date, or (ii) 95% of the VWAP for our common stock for the five (5) trading day period through and including Wednesday, December 19, 2018, in each case rounded to the nearest whole penny.
Upon the closing, the subscription agent will distribute, by way of direct registration in book -entry form or through the facilities of DTC, as applicable, shares of its Series C Convertible Preferred Stock and warrants to holders of rights who have validly exercised their rights and paid the subscription price in full.
Currently, the share subscription price under the B series option rights is EUR10.12 per share.
For example, you can offer a subscription for $1 per month for the first three months before the normal subscription price kicks in."
Hoegh LNG Holdings Ltd announced that the Company has raised NOK 844 million (US$100 million equivalent) in gross proceeds through a private placement of 6,920,000 new common shares, each with a par value of US$0.01 at a subscription price of NOK 122 per share (the Private Placement).
The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) on Thursday revealed the allotment and issue of 15,505,780 new ordinary shares of the company at a subscription price of GBP3.289096 per new ordinary share.
Under the Subscription Agreement, AceA will subscribe for 40,000,000 new ordinary shares (Subscription Shares) representing 17.2% of the enlarged share capital of Gossan Hill, at a subscription price of A$0.05 (Subscription Price) for each Subscription Share (Proposed Subscription) for a total A$2,000,000.
Global Alumina Corporation (TSX: GLA.U), a Canada-based company engaged in exploration and development of bauxite resources in Guinea, has announced receiving its second deferred subscription price from its joint venture partners.