Subscription price

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Subscription price

Price that current shareholders pay for a share of stock in a rights offering.

Subscription Price

The price at which an underwriter offers a new issue of a security or, more commonly, a rights offering to the public. The subscription price is fixed and subscribers may only subscribe at that price.

subscription price

The price at which rights holders may acquire shares in a new securities issue. The subscription price is usually set at slightly less than the market price so as to ensure that it will be successfully sold. Compare oversubscription privilege. See also rights offering.

Subscription price.

The subscription price is the discounted price at which a current shareholder can buy additional shares of company stock before these newly available shares are offered for sale to the general public.

In some cases the shareholder can buy the new shares without incurring a brokerage fee.

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Both "IMRP" and "IMRS" were launched in 2005 and have annual subscription prices of $295 and $195, respectively.
Congress recently directed the NLM to report on the impact of rising journal subscription prices relative to access to medical research information and to identify remedies to ensure that taxpayer-funded research remains in the public domain.
Publishing trends affecting libraries were discussed by Linda Watson, University of Virginia Health Sciences Library, and included: 1) journal subscription price increases outpacing library budgets, 2) publishers' bundling of journal subscriptions into large contracts often not well matched with institutional research interests, 3) consolidations in the publishing industry, 4) restrictive licensing terms overriding copyright and fair use practices, 5) long-term archival access to electronic content, and 6) selective deletions of published articles from databases and e-publications.
Monthly subscription prices start at USD1 for iQNetScan and USD1.
The three newsletters acquired by SAN are all twice-monthly and the subscription prices are in the $500 range.
The subscription prices of the 2001C 1Q/02, 2002AB, 2001C 3Q/02 and 2001C 4Q/02 stock options under the Nokia Stock Option Plan 2001 have been determined during this year.
The quarterly subscription price for 6 issues (3 months), normally $65, is now only $45.
2, 1995--A Special Summer Savings Subscription Price was announced Wednesday for Biomedical Employment Opportunities (BEO).
BUSINESS WIRE)--August 1, 1995--A Special Summer Savings Subscription Price was announced Wednesday for Biomedical Employment Opportunities (BEO).