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For administrative purposes, Gabon is divided into 9 provinces, which are further divided into 36 prefectures and 8 separate subprefectures.
Administrative subdivisions: 9 provinces, 36 prefectures, and 8 subprefectures.
Government administration is carried out at several levels; in descending order, they are: eight regions, 33 prefectures, over 100 subprefectures, and many districts (known as communes in Conakry and other large cities, and villages or "quartiers" in the interior).
Administrative subdivisions: Region, prefecture, subprefecture, rural district.
Administrative subdivisions: 10 provinces, 58 departments or divisions, 349 subprefectures or subdivisions.
Case-patients resided permanently in 23 villages in 7 subprefectures of Kindia.
Patients resided permanently in 11 villages in 4 subprefectures of Faranah.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: assistance mission to the contracting authority for the execution and monitoring of performance of the services of a maintenance contract and maintenance of lifting equipment to the county administrative center of the hauts-de-seine (lot 1) and in subprefectures antony and boulogne-billancourt (lot 2).
Administrative subdivisions: 10 regions, 58 departments or divisions, 349 subprefectures or subdivisions.
Most who lived in such subprefectures and counties south of the capital as Bazhou and Wenan were not affluent.
Even when they are within the jurisdiction of a subprefecture and county, there is still no control.