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A subdivision of government in most American states. Most of the time, a county is a municipal level below the state government but above a city or township. Counties serve different purposes, depending on the state. In some states, they have courts and a sheriff's office. The chief prosecutor (district attorney) for an area is often employed at the county level. In Oklahoma and many other states, counties have jurisdiction over all land in their boundaries not otherwise incorporated into a city or other municipality. In some states like Maryland, counties have quite broad responsibilities, including the provision of public health services and education. On the other hand, counties have no authority in Rhode Island. In Louisiana, counties are called parishes. In Alaska, they are called boroughs. See also: ABCD Counties.


A political subdivision within a state. It is usually the largest government body within the state.In Louisiana,the equivalent is called a parish.

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The general methodology remains the same when applied to subcounty units such as census tracts or block groups.
It has allowed me to speak with confidence in meetings," said Kulastika Okwanga, another UPLIFT learner in Panyango subcounty.
Construction of modern theaters is underway at Nduru, Marani and Kenyenya subcounty hospitals.
Respondents were asked their zip codes to identify their subcounty locations.
Sleeping sickness magnitude was classified into 1 of 5 categories for each subcounty for each year: 1) no cases, 2) preepidemic (1-4 cases per year per subcounty), 3) low epidemic (5-15 cases per year per subcounty), 4) high epidemic (16-100 cases per year per subcounty), and 5) extreme epidemic (>100 cases per year per subcounty).
Community-based organizations that operate in only one subcounty were not required to register with the NGO board.
Isserman (6) studied the accuracy level of three commonly used extrapolative methods of projecting populations in subcounty areas.
These estimates are produced using housing unit estimates to distribute the county population to subcounty areas within the county.
At Mogotio Subcounty Hospital, Baringo county, more than 30 patients are likely of having cholera have been admitted.
The 2013 subcounty population estimates and the housing estimates will be posted to the Census Bureau's embargo site at 10 a.