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A term used in bookkeeping. For example, the insurance expense account may have various different subcategories such as building and property insurance, auto/fleet insurance, general liability, environmental, professional liability, law enforcement, and other insurance.


An account within an account. For example, funds in a subaccount may be available only to a certain person, or may be used only for a certain purpose.


The separate account funds to which you allocate your variable annuity premiums are sometimes called subaccounts.

Each subaccount is managed by an investment specialist, or team of specialists, who make buy and sell decisions based on the subaccount's objective and their analysts' research.

If you're comparing different contracts to decide which to purchase, among the factors to consider are the variety of subaccounts each contract offers, the past performance of those subaccounts, the experience of the professional manager, and the fees.

In evaluating the past performance and other details of the subaccounts a contract offers, or those you select in the contract you choose, you can use the prospectus the annuity company provides for each subaccount. You may also be able to find independent research from firms such as Morningstar, Inc., Standard & Poor's, and Lipper. However, past performance is not indicative of future results.

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Following the 2017 series E issuance, an additional $30 million in investments will be held in the 2017 series E subaccount as described above.
Figure 2 A B C 1 Primary Subaccount Subaccount 2 Cash 3 Cash Checking 4 Cash Checking Wells Fargo 5 Cash Checking BofA
Finally, the initial income paymentis divided by the value of the annuity unit for each subaccount chosen.
VUL products typically provide a wide range of investment options in their subaccounts.
Depending upon the performance of their subaccount investments, the advantage of tax-deferred compounding could be substantial.
If a particular DVA is being recommended, the broker must reasonably believe that the customer understands the same features of that DVA and the recommended subaccounts, and they are suitable for the customer.
To be sure, many among the current crop of VAs that pay heaped commissions appeal to consumers because of the low assets under management fees assessed against the VA subaccounts.
Typically, the foreign banks have hundreds of subaccount holders.
Broad is especially keen on variable annuities, a tax-deferred retirement product that allows investors to shift their money among several subaccount, essentially stock and bond funds.
Each column is totaled to provide a continuous year-to-date summary of each subaccount.
The transaction is performing within expectations, with the outstanding principal amounts in-line with the targeted amortization schedules and the capital subaccount fully funded at its required level.